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Why Use Granite Worktops UK Ltd – Huddersfield?

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Granite Worktops UK Ltd is a small family run business offering outstanding quality and service; providing exceptional customer satisfaction and high quality work throughout. All our work is 100% guaranteed. As we are a small company it is myself who you deal with from start to finish. I template, manufacture and personally fit all my granite and quartz worktops with my small team. We do not have different departments passed from one person to another, there is only myself responsible for everything. I myself have been in the granite worktops industry since 1987.

Granite Worktops UK Ltd was opened in 1998 to the general public and trade. When I first started my company they were probably only 4-5 firms in Yorkshire alone, I was one of them, and now it is a different story, there are 100’s of granite companies all around the UK, some with no major experience or expertise. From knowledge and other sources many granite companies out there are buying sub- standard material at cheaper prices, people think granite is all the same – well it isn’t believe me – there are a lot of different qualities of granite. The manufacturing side is also so important, a lot of companies employ cheap labour, where you may not get the quality on the finished product.

A typical example – when I polish a granite edge I do this with diamonds by hand which gives a natural gloss sheen a lot of firms out there spray wax on to give the edge a shiny appearance, this can be done in minutes which eventually wears off. It takes me approx. 30 minutes to polish every 1 foot. My edges are guaranteed for life.

I cannot guarantee I am the cheapest of granite companies, but I can guarantee the granite and quartz I use is the best money can buy guaranteed.

Perhaps you can see why we chose to only use the best quality granite. We don’t want any unhappy customers. Actually, we like to spread a little happiness. So that’s why we concentrate on providing a quality product and great service backed by a solid and meaningful guarantee. We think you’ll agree that’s worth having.

I regard myself as one of the best granite worktop companies there is in England. You may wonder why?

So far to date I have completed approx. 5000 jobs and not one of my customers have come back to me with complaints or disappointments – hard to believe but fact. Every single customer has been satisfied and pleased with the standard of work and service I have given.

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