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Oct 3, 2012 @Webmaster 0 News

Well what can I say about the man made material quartz, it looks good, nightmare to work with a lot lighter than granite in weight, easier to carry for me, comes in some fantastic colours from red, blue, black, green and so on.  It is tooled the same way as granite, polishing the edges once the material has been cut and shaped is a nightmare, you will not get the same shiny sheen as the surface, don’t forget the surface has already been polished by the people who supply the sheets of quartz, a very fancy process involving some amazing machinery.  Problems with the material as  I have known is fading.  Sunlight through windows in kitchens shining onto the quartz worktop and bleaching it – this must be because of the dye in it. It is no way as hard wearing as granite, you will never bleach granite, there is no die in granite it is a natural material.  The quartz is made from quartz chippings, dye for the colour, and resin to glue it all together, the chippings in the surface are tough and hard wearing but the resin in between the chippings is no way as tough, this scratches and you cannot polish them out without it being noticeable.  Heat is also a problem, if you put a red hot pan on to the surface it will blister, the resin will pop becoming proud from the surface, I am  not saying  people should put hot pans directly onto it but paying that sort of money for it whats the point of pussy footing around it – it is there to be used, with granite there is no pussy footing around it, but with quartz you have to be a little bit careful, do not cut anything on the surface  with a knife you will scratch it, again as I have said tiny chippings of quartz will not scratch but the resin in between it will.  Cleaning it is a nightmare it always leaves smear marks I’ve tested about sixty different products on the market and still not found one yet but I will not give up until I do, at the moment I am tying and testing my own concoction.  I am not telling people not to buy it – it is a fantastic material and looks absolutely amazing – but you have to be more careful with the use of it.  Because I am so heavy handed it would be a nightmare for me to have quartz.

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