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Oct 3, 2012 @Webmaster 0 News

Granite worktops are the most hard wearing material which can be used for a kitchen worktop or  bar or any sort of working surface area, all the new materials now on the market for kitchen worktops are man made engineered stone and corian they are all newish materials introduced to the kitchen worktop industry as some body some where had the so called a fantastic idea of producing a material more hard wearing than granite, when all these new materials for worktops started saturating the market they were promoted with fancy brochures and magazines and pamphlets boasting the hard wearing and stain resisting qualities,what a load of rubbish, i am one of a few longest granite worktop companies running to date and swear by granite is the most hard wearing material you can buy, and also is cheaper than the man made quartz and allot lot cheaper than corian, i think the general public are been sucked in with quartz worktops and the corian,if people only knew the problems which you can have with especially quartz they would choose granite every time.I have made and fitted granite work surfaces for customers from twenty plus years ago and still looks as if it was fitted yesterday. I have had to offer  quartz and corian to people who come to my showroom as granite took a back seat to the new materials , i always try to put people off as much as i can and try steering them to granite,but i am not always successful . I love granite i have worked with it all my life and there is no material more hard wearing and beautiful than granite full stop.

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